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Plasma-Pen-Treatments at Harmony Plus Beauty Salon & Skin Clinic near Leighton Buzzard

Anti-Aging Plasma Pen Treatments at Harmony Aesthetics Clinic in Dunstable

Plasma Pen is a revolutionary non-surgical skin lifting procedure.  The treatment is a fantastic way to boost your skin tone, target eye bags or overhanging eyelids, or repair scars, all without having to undergo surgery.   This effective new anti-aging treatment is available now at our Dunstable Beauty and Aesthetics Clinic.

This is an especially gentle and low-pain procedure which is effective immediately and achieves incredible, permanent results.  In addition, due to continued tightening after the treatment, we see further vast improvements, with plasma skin tightening.

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How Does the Plasma Pen Work?Plasma pen treatment at Harmony Aesthetics Clinic

The device operates at a distance of approximately 1mm above the surface of the skin and creates a tiny electrical arc at its tip, called the plasma arc.  When the plasma arc touches the skin, it vaporises a micromillimeter-sized dot on the skin’s surface in a process called sublimation.  This dot minimally tightens the skin in its vicinity, by shocking it and causing it to contract.  

Several points applied together create a “reduction grid”, and through the application of grids in specific patterns across the treatment area, excess skin is tightened.


Plasma pen treatment resultsNon-Surgical Lifting with Plasma Pen Treatments 

This revolutionary treatment can be used to address a number of skin concerns:

  • Skin tightening: Upper and lower lids, Soft Facelift, throat and tummy lift
  • Reduction of wrinkles and uneven surfaces: e.g. perioral wrinkles, worry lines, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, smoker’s lines
  • Reduction of unsightly pigmentation: e.g. age/sun spots, liver spots, moles
  • Scar reduction/improvement
  • Removal of permanent make-up, skin tags & small tattoos

The Plasma Pen treatment complements our HIFU non-surgical facelifts because it can be used on the sensitive eye area to treat dark circles and puffy eyes where HIFU cannot.  

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The treatment is completely safe and offers an instant skin tightening effect.  Call us on 01525 229111 or 0785 2145053 to find out more or make an appointment.  Alternatively you can book online here.