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Hypnotherapy Services at Harmony Beauty Salon in Dunstable

Hypnotherapy Services DunstableHypnotherapy allows you to access information stored in your subconscious mind that is having an impact on your daily emotions and experiences. Once that information is brought up to the surface, our fully qualified hynotherapist Lisa uses the proven Rapid Transformational Therapy method to challenge the thought processes and beliefs that have stopped you from achieving your full potential. 

Hynotherapy can be used to work on issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, insomnia, stress management or phobias.  It is also a powerful tool to go to deeper level of healing, to help find peace and freedom from profound fears and anxieties that have a powerful impact on your relationship with yourself, with others and with your environment. 

Hypnotherapy sessions are available at our Dunstable beauty salon or alternatively, Lisa offers a mobile service and can travel to your own home.  Call us on 01525 229111 or 07852145053 to book an appointment or use our online booking app.

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What will happen during my hypnotherapy treatment?

During the sessions the therapist will ease you into a trance-like state of deep relaxation, in which your unconscious mind is highly receptive to beneficial suggestions, new perspectives and ideas. The therapist can then use a range of techniques to help you make positive changes.          

About Lisa Hewitt      C.Hyp. CPPD. MPM                                                                                            IMG 4342

My Journey

Hypnotherapy has given me back my life.
Ten years ago I was suffering with several issues, which included,
Bulimia, low Self Esteem, Body Dysmorphia and sugar addiction.
Having tried counselling, anti depressants and other therapies, I felt lost, lonely and desperate. I knew I had to source another avenue. That’s when I met Marisa Peer.

In just one session with Marisa, using her Rapid Transformational Therapy method, I was cured.  Limited beliefs which I had held for many years had vanished. My belief in Hypnotherapy was born.

Even though in the past I had suffered my own insecurities and issues, in my professional life I have always had a passion for helping people achieve their goals.  I worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for many years as a Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist, Weight Loss Expert and with the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients.  I went on to qualify as a practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and also TFT (thought field therapy).

Marisa remembered me as she had said how much empathy I naturally had, and how it was something that can not be taught.  She explained she was training a select number of people to become one of her Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapists. Not only was this an opportunity that I simply couldn’t refuse, I felt it was my calling, my “light bulb moment ”                                                    

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I am confident you will feel relaxed and at ease in my presence and comfortable, calm and safe in the surroundings of my therapy room, where confidentiality and professionalism, are of the upmost importance.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful for both adults and children with a wide range of difficulties which include.


* Not feeling lovable/worthy/enough

* Low self esteem

* Depression

* Anxiety

* Anger


* Self Esteem

* Public Speaking

* Exam Nerves

* Interview Perfection

* Self Confidence

Eating & Weight

* Weight Loss

* Eating Disorders

* Emotional eating

* Food addiction


* Relationship Issues

* Sexual Performance

* Impotence

* Communication


                 * Smoking                  

* Alcoholism

* Drugs

* Gambling

* Sex


* Physical Issues

* Pain Relief

* Fertility

* Insomnia


* Sports blockages

* Performance Enhancement

* Personal Success

* Vocal/Acting/Stage

* Personal Goals

* Career Management

Fears & Phobias

* Flying

* Insects/Reptiles/Animals

* Heights

* Closed spaces


* Menopause

* Thyroid

* Autoimmune


* Acne

* Psoriasis/Eczema

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