Environ Skin Analysis and Jane Iredale mineral makeup launch party






                                                       Skin Analysis Events Get Under the Skin of Women and Men.
Have you ever wondered how your skin compares to others of your own age or how you might look in a few years’ time, without some serious intervention? A high tech skin analysis technique is available at Rejuven that will reveal all that’s good and bad about your skin.

A skin analyst from anti-ageing skincare brand Environ is hosts a special event and will be on hand to provide free  consultation . She uses powerful Visia imaging technology to capture information and assess common problem areas, such as sun damage, brown pigmentation blemishes, capillary damage, wrinkles, scars or imperfections and congested pores.

She will be identifying goals for treatments and offering solutions to overcome niggling complexion concerns and take years off your appearance, without the need to go under the knife. The skin advisor recommends products for use at home, salon treatments as well as dietary and lifestyle advice, which are aimed at giving the individual clearer, more radiant, even toned, smoother and less lined skin.

The machine’s camera provides a series of images which reveal the extent of each problem and attributes a ‘score’. Clients pay a return visit to the salon after three months, when improvements are graded by comparing a new set of visuals with the originals.

“There are too many empty promises in the beauty world,” says Rejuven‘s owner Karen Owens. “By using this sophisticated system we can now prove to our clients that using active skincare products and following our advice makes a measurable and visible difference. We can even artificially ‘age’ your skin to show how you could look in five years without proper skincare.”